Creating and delivering content for the iPad

WELCOME TO PADILICIOUS.COM, a website whose only purpose is:

To provide easy-to-use Mac tools, that create browser-based content for display on computers and the iPad.

So browse this site, download and use the free tools, and tell your friends and classmates. Enjoy!



Step-by-step instructions on how to enable a web-app to be displayed fullscreen on the iPad.

Step-by-step instructions on how to automatically deploy your iPad web-app to your MobileMe sites folder so it can be viewed by others.

Now you can easily enable web page elements to respond to single-finger swipes on the iPad.

Now you can make your webpages automatically adjust the page layout and design based on the way the user holds the iPad.

Step-by-step overview of how to create a image slideshows that incorporate CSS transitions.


Create a single-page of scrollable text, optionally including an image, audio clip, or video, from text copied to the clipboard.

Finally, and easy way for Real Estate professionals to create attractive interactive presentations of their listings.

Automatically turn text files into digital books for reading in iBooks. Your publications can also include images, and audio and/or video clips!

Create a multi-column article web-app using the currently selected text in any document. Additionally, the article can contain an image, audio, or video file.

Adapt Keynote slides to work on iPad by rendering slide titles to images using non-default typefaces.